Pranic, Pregnant, and Petrified - Karen Ranney

Pranic, Pregnant, and Petrified

By Karen Ranney

  • Release Date: 2017-11-09
  • Genre: Paranormal


The witches have almost gotten to the point of claiming Marcie Montgomery, at least since the Witch Test. If Janet Travis has anything to do with it, however, Marcie would be banished to the next universe before being publicly acknowledged as a Super Duper Witch. 

Marcie doesn’t care about Janet’s antipathy; she has other things to worry about. Mike is dying and she thinks she’s the only one who can save him. Opie reveals herself to an unlikely ally. Dan’s assistant turns out to be a redhead with a body made for fooling around, and Marcie’s things are disappearing. Plus, she’s developing odd powers. She can view things remotely, control vortexes, and “feel” Dan. A good thing, too, because he’s disappeared. Just when Marcie was ready to tell him “the” secret, he ups and vanishes. 

What’s a goddess to do? 

Well, fight the vampires, the Brethren, and anyone else who thinks they’re going to hide Dan away. That includes Dan’s mother who has kept a secret all this time. So has Dan. He isn’t quite human. In fact, he’s the one thing she never considered. Oh, dear, how will that affect the baby she’s carrying?