My Furry Valentine - Karen Ranney

My Furry Valentine

By Karen Ranney

  • Release Date: 2018-01-08
  • Genre: Paranormal


When you're a Furry nothing's normal, but when the furniture starts communicating, you've got problems. 

Torrance has learned a dangerous family secret, was dealing with the disappearance of the man she loved, and coming to grips with her Pranic abilities.  

Not to mention that she was just fired.  

Nobody around her could be classified as normal, either. The former co-worker had an attitude. The vampire had rabies. Her own brother couldn't be trusted. 

Then, there was the object that could cost thousands of lives, not to mention her own. 

The only way to take back her life was to become a certifiable Furry Badass. Read Torrance's story to find out just what can go wrong.